What is Informatics?

The science of the collection, evaluation organization, and dissemination of information, while employing technology.


○ Event ▸ Conference ▸ Seminar,
○ Museum ▸ Exhibitions,
○ Edutainment,
○ Sport series ▸ Festival ▸ Competitions.

Druid Informatics

○ A belief that learning & discovery is a fluid & dynamic process that adapts to each human so that their experience and recollection is profound and enduring
○ A design of integrated & valuable learning content & techniques with clients that makes uses of the very best in latest technology
○ A delivery solution of elegant user functionality for excellent experience, performance & business analytics of the design function

Collection / Evaluation

Value Proposal

Stakeholder appeal

We engage with you to understand your unique circumstance and stakeholder concerns to ensure the solution is appealing to everyone.


Design objectives

We analyze the Value Proposal and create a customized design palate and templates to match the intent.


Delivery Intention

We align the Value Proposal & Analysis with content to meets the delivery dynamics & intention of the solution.



Learning & Discovery technique

We use leading edge techniques of accelerated learning and content delivery to organize the solution to maximize impact & retention of information.


User demographics

We customize the content and delivery method to meet the unique user geography for the solution to be most effective.


Web - App - Beacon

We assemble high quality technology capabilities into efficient and low cost delivery vehicles for the solution.



3D Delivery

We map the location into 3-D and install the Beacon transmits to maximise geofencing while preventing overlay to bring a frictionless user experience.


Measurable value

We design & populate a dashboard that reports on the health of the solution and how well it meets the intended objectives & value proposition.


Analytics reporting - interpretation

We provide ongoing commentary on the user behaviours within the solution, while interpreting the result to you for continual improvement, effectiveness & innovation.